Development Technologies

When developing our web projects we use the potential of two popular technologies - Django (Python) and Drupal (PHP). We strive to adhere to the chosen technical solution, constantly improving our skills to remain professional in these technologies. We always aim to find the most excellent technological solution for our client that on the one hand - would solve the client's problem - and on the other hand - would save the cost of resources implemented into the project. Both technologies have a large selection of features and a large community of professionals. Our experts have years of experience in developing, both simple websites and complex informational portals such as: news portals, online shops, discount systems, POS systems. All this allows us to quickly find the optimal solution for any problem, to use well-established technical solutions, which ultimately is a huge advantage for our client.


For unique solutions we use Django. Django is a great base to build web applications using Python language with its high quality code. When using Django the developer is not forced to adjust to any specific CMS, to its needs and requirements – the website is created from scratch. That means that the website turns out exactly like the customer wants it to look.Writing programs in Python also requires significantly less time than when using other programming languages.

Django is ideal for creating prototypes and allows you to quickly turn your concept into a working solution. As it is said on the official website of Django – it is created for perfectionists with the shortest deadlines. All these qualities allow us to be flexible when working with clients and always maintain a working business idea. We are always prepared to make significant changes in the idea or the project during the development of the website, if any issues or gaps occur.

Django is used in such large and well-known sites like Instagram, Disqus, Mozilla, The Washington Times, Pinterest, as well as giants such as Google and Yandex.


Drupal is a website management system (CMS), as well as a framework for building corporate level web applications (CMF). Drupal is written in PHP, which is the most popular language for developing web applications. Developing projects in Drupal is productive due to a huge number of modules and a large community, that every day expand its capabilities.  Among these modules there are the ones for e-commerce, which allow the user to create a quality online shop in no time. Drupal has an intuitive administrative part, which is convenient for content management.